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The Lynchburg Firm For Ethical And Professional Legal Representation

At one time or another most of us need to seek out the help of a professional. There are a lot of things that just don't make sense to try and tackle ourselves. This is true in our daily lives: when an appliance fails we often call for a repair specialist, when our cars fail we call for a mechanic, when our bodies fail we see a medical professional. So it makes sense that when we are facing a legal issue we would seek out a professional to guide us through the process and ensure not only that our rights are protected but that we are making the best decisions for the future.

The Lynchburg Community

Lynchburg is a small, tight-knit community. Attorney Gary L. Straw knows this well because he is from the area and still works, lives and raises his family (and dogs) here. At Straw Law Firm, PLLC, we are passionate about providing excellent legal services to our entire community, whether that be divorce or separation, personal injury, auto accident, estate planning or business guidance. We believe in a system that serves and aids everyone: people enjoying financial growth and success as well as those who are facing great struggles and loss.

Getting It Done Right

At Straw Law Firm, PLLC, we know that good legal representation means your lawyer is not only prepared but also attentive, diligent and accountable. That's why from the moment we agree to handle your case we promise to be honest and fair and to not only get the job done, but to get the job done right. Serving the legal, estate planning and business law needs of Lynchburg and surrounding communities in Virginia. Call us at 434-338-7092 and speak with a lawyer and see how we can help you.


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