Compassionate Criminal Defense for Juveniles Charged with Crimes in Lynchburg, Virginia

Youthful mistakes don't have to ruin your child's future

We all make mistakes when we're young. But certain mistakes mean otherwise good kids face charges in the criminal justice system. Police and prosecutors tend to be more lenient on young people who commit crimes, often allowing for restorative justice and education-based programs to take the place of jail time. To make sure your child learns from these mistakes and doesn't suffer long-term consequences, work with the experienced juvenile law attorney at Straw Law Firm, PLLC in Lynchburg.

Juveniles may face a wide variety of criminal charges

While the most common juvenile offenses involve school issues, such as truancy, most misdemeanors and even some felonies may be tried through the juvenile court system. It's important to take all of these charges seriously, even if they're for possessing a small amount of marijuana or being involved in a fight at school. To make sure your children don't suffer long-term consequences for a youthful mistake, speak with the juvenile criminal defense attorney at Straw Law Firm right away.

We represent young clients charged with a variety of juvenile offenses, but the most common we see are:

  • Theft. This crime has a broad definition and can include anything from shoplifting to breaking into a home and stealing items. If the items stolen are worth less than $200, the charge will be a misdemeanor.
  • Vandalism. Destroying property and other forms of vandalism are misdemeanors in Virginia. If convicted, children may be ordered to pay restitution to repair whatever was damaged.
  • Drug and alcohol violations. Unfortunately, many young people experiment with drugs and alcohol. We provide guidance for underage drinking tickets, drug possession, DUI and other legal issues, while helping your child find treatment, if necessary.

Why should you work with an attorney with experience in juvenile law?

Going to jail or prison and dealing with a permanent criminal record can have devastating effects on the lives of young people. Our defense lawyer is highly experienced in the area of juvenile law and know how to argue on your child's behalf to get charges reduced or dropped. This might include agreeing to treatment programs, restorative justice activities and community service - with the expectation that offenders can avoid a criminal record and incarceration if they complete certain requirements.

Speak with a compassionate juvenile defense lawyer in Lynchburg today

If your child is facing criminal charges, speak with the team at Straw Law Firm, PLLC today by calling 434-338-7092 or contacting us online. Our knowledge of the juvenile criminal justice system gives your family options. We proudly serve Lynchburg and the surrounding areas in Amherst County.