Skilled Personal Injury And Auto Accident Representation

At Straw Law Firm, PLLC we understand the financial hardship you are experiencing during the difficult time following your injury. Our personal injury lawyer provides straightforward, effective representation in auto accident, premises liability and wrongful death claims throughout Virginia.

  • Auto and Other Motor Vehicle Accidents — Our Lynchburg auto accident lawyer fights for you to maximize the compensation you receive for injuries sustained due to the negligence of another driver. Whether you have been injured in an Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, Bus or Bicycle Accident - you have a right to see fair compensation for your injury or loss.
  • Construction Accidents — If you have taken the proper precautions while on a work site, but still suffered a significant injury while on the job, contact us to speak to a workers compensation injury lawyer about your options.
  • Dog Bites and Animal Attacks — Careless or negligent pet owners may be held responsible for the harm their animal has caused to another human or animal.
  • Head and Spine Injury — The physical, emotional and financial costs of a head, brain (TBI) or back injury can be devastating to both the victim and their families. Our Lynchburg lawyer takes aggressive steps toward recovering the maximum compensation available for you, so you can obtain the care you need.
  • Premises Liability — Landowners and/or business owners who fail to adequately maintain their property or warn you about a dangerous condition can be held responsible for compensating you for your injury. These matters may involve; slip and falls, elevator / escalator injury, electrocution, defective sidewalks and insufficient security.
  • Railroad Accidents — Were you injured as a passenger on a train, a railroad crossing accident or a railroad worker (FELA)? You need aggressive representation to fight the bad guys and get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Reckless Driving Injury — If you were injured by a reckless or careless driver, you should seek immediate expert legal advice. We can assist you with the difficult and challenging process of dealing with the insurance company to ensure that you get the settlement you are entitled to. Under Virginia Law, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, as well as your loss of property.
  • Serious and Catastrophic Injury — Injuries caused by the recklessness of another may require short-term or long-term care before you recover. These injuries can even limit your ability to work. When your injury has catastrophic consequences our lawyer is here to help. Serious personal injuries include – but are not limited to; amputations, back injury, brain injury, broken bones, paralysis, severe burns and spinal damage.
  • Wrongful Death — If an immediate family member was injured and died due to the wrongful act of another you may be able to recover for financial and emotional losses.

We Can Help You After An Accident

Immediately following an accident, there are actions that you should to take in order to protect your rights to recover for your property damages and injuries. These include contacting the police immediately, taking pictures of the accident scene, having the damage done to your car property evaluated by a mechanic you trust, having your injuries catalogued by a doctor, NOT speaking with a claims adjuster from the other side, and contacting your personal injury attorney.

An insurance company is no different than any other business. They are in the business of making money. If you are injured in an accident and do not seek legal advice, you put yourself at risk of receiving less than what you may be entitled to. An insurance adjuster may contact you with a settlement offer. Before you accept any offer from an insurance company, please know that you may be waiving your right to additional compensation at any time in the future.

Contact The Experienced Lynchburg Injury Firm Today

If you have been injured in an accident, you need an experienced lawyer to handle your case rather than trying to deal with the insurance company alone. We will work with the insurance company to quickly resolve your case and ensure that you receive the amount you deserve. If your injuries do not permit you to travel to our office, we will come to your home or hospital room. Contact the experienced, proven attorney at Straw Law Firm today. Call us at 434-338-7092 and speak with a lawyer. We offer a free initial consultation to our personal injury clients.